The receipt should clearly display the retailer/store name, product name and product price.

How to Upload your Proof of Purchase

Step 1


Take a picture of your receipt using your camera, phone, computer webcam or alternatively, scan the receipt using a scanner.

NOTE: If you are using a smartphone or tablet device, take a photo of your receipt and, whilst completing the registration form, you can choose and upload the image of your receipt directly from your photo album.

If you have an electronic copy of your receipt (on an email for example), open the receipt on your computer from your email.

Step 2


Save the image to your computer in JPG, TIF or PDF format.

Step 3


Make sure that the file size does not exceed 4MB.

Step 4


Select the “Upload” button on the registration form.

Step 5


Then click ”Browse”and locate the saved image on your computer.

Step 6


Select the file and click “Open” to confirm your selection.

Step 7


Your proof of purchase is now uploaded to the registration form.